If you want to support a specific project please contact us. We’ll do our best to direct the donation towards the chosen project provided we don’t have urgent issues with any of the programs.

Direct Deposit

Deposit directly into the organization’s bank account:

Bank of Montreal
Transit: 24112
Institution: 001

By Cheque

Please make your cheque out to “Generous Hearts” and mail it to the following address:

Generous Hearts
880 Chapleau Dr.
L1W 1P4 – Pickering, ON

By e-Transfer

Please send an e-transfer to our email address:

In Reais

Deposit directly into the organization’s bank account in Brazil:

Caixa Econômica Federal  
Agência 2192
Conta Poupança 66157 (Operação 031)

Gift of Securities

You can donate gifts of publicly-traded securities: shares, bonds, mutual funds and stocks.

A gift of securities has incredible impact. You will receive a receipt for the full value of the gift and you don’t have to pay the capital gains tax.

We have an investment account set up for accepting transfers, Toronto Dominion account 57ML87. Speak to your broker about donating shares to Generous Hearts or call Jim Robertson of Generous Hearts at 905 336-9913.

Paypal or Credit Card

The process for donating with credit card or using PayPal is the same. Both go through PayPal’s website, the only difference being that if you don’t have a PayPal account you have to fill in your credit card information, and the donation will be processed by PayPal without need of creating a PayPal account.

Click below to go to Paypal’s interface. Please provide a “Shipping Address” at PAY-PAL website; a donation receipt will be sent by regular mail to the provided address.

Sister Reginalda helping a family that lives off collecting garbage on the streets.
Sister Viviane's daily talks to the residents of Slum Blessed by God.
A family with no food, clothing or work.

Campaign to Cope with COVID-19

The launch of our new website coincides with the challenging times we are all facing due to the pandemic. These challenges are particularly difficult in the region  of Brazil in which GH operates. The poverty in the region explains the lack of infrastructure and resources in regular times which are strained in normal times and are very much overwhelmed in challenging times. Generous Hearts is requesting your help to address this situation, particularly with medical exams, medication, emergency transportation, food and other unforeseen shortages.

We hope that you will not leave this site without contributing and suggest a minimum donation of $20.

On behalf of the beneficiaries,
our THANKS to all the Generous Hearts contributors!