Our Projects



Generous Hearts/Antonieta de Lira Silva Institute now provide full or temporary support to four projects, as well as in the locations nearby. We have been helping when disasters strike caused by storms, slums around  the locations, famine and others.

We are glad and thankful to friends of Generous Hearts that send generous donations even during the COVID-19 pandemic; we know we are saving lives!

A family of 4 lived in this small house.
Today we are very happy in our new home. Thank you!!!

Rural Village of Santa Luzia

This community has several old houses built with very rudimentary technique and precarious finishing which leaves numerous cracks on the walls…

Slum Blessed by God

Around Recife we have some “Favelas” or slums almost in the heart of the city.
Sister Viviane, a Catholic nun has been working in one most destitute slums, close to the elegant suburb of Beira Rio…

Vitoria Humana Institute

Vitoria Humana Institute, located in the city of Vitoria de St. Antão, PE, Brazil, is a project that has been receiving support from Generous Hearts for over 30 years!…

Santa Filonila Shelter

The shelter of St. Filonila in the city of Escada, Pernambuco was founded by Sister Malu De Biase. When she became a widow some 25 years ago…

IALS is a branch from Generous Hearts duly registered in Brazil under No. 23.397.234/0001-10, with the goal to help human and social development of the less fortunate.

Generous Hearts is always open to help in emergenceies around places or people needing aid or any kind of assistance.