Sister Viviane's Project

Around Recife we have some “Favelas” or slums almost in the heart of the city.

Sister Viviane, a Catholic nun has been working in one most destitute slums, close to the elegant suburb of Beira Rio, where she has been offering assistance with total dedication for approximately 30 years. Her efforts have been and are immense in helping to provide a basic education, and to guide families to a healthier and more organized life.

This project spear-headed by Sr. Viviane and with assistance from Generous Hearts helps in making available some general material needs. Also, courses have been held which has changed some people’s lives with a marked improvement.

This slum has a particular problem similar to other slums in that many young girls become pregnant very early and the poor adolescent girls cannot survive on their own as their resources are negligable. Sister Viviane with help of Generous Hearts provides what she can as to clothes, food for baby and mother until some measure of stability is achieved.

Sister Viviane and her volunteers work hard to get medical and vitamin supplements to all in need, and also to help people from the annual flood, Another activity is teaching the locals how to make small objects with recycled material for their own use and to sell to outsiders in order to provide a small source of income.

Only someone who had actually visited this place could have an idea how miserable it is for the inhabitants. However, we can tell you of one of very positive and necessary thing that has been accomplished, Sister Viviane and her volunteers never had a place for meeting people. A small lot was acquired, and two years ago Generous Hearts built a small room for meetings in order to receive volunteers and the community, and that boys and girls could learn how to make some objects and small arts projects with simple supplies.

Your attention to our projects will help to make the world a better place, shining a bit of light and promoting a vision of peace and harmony.

Here are typical images of the Slum Blessed by God: