But why?

Why We Do What We Do

Generous Hearts is a small charitable organization with a big heart and a simple objective. It is our belief that world peace is built step by step, through direct expression of goodwill and generosity.

Our mission

To create world peace through acts of generosity and kindness specifically by extending aid to the destitute of Pernambuco, Brazil, who are at risk of resorting to violence in order to survive.

Our Specialty

Our trademark is relationship. We are entirely run by volunteers; we have no office, no paid employees. Instead all of our efforts are managed and run by a strong team of volunteers both in Toronto, Canada and in Recife, Brazil. We value our donors and want their hard earned money to be used for direct aid, not for fancy offices. We also want them to feel involved in our efforts. Likewise, we want our recipients to feel that we genuinely care about them.

Simply Put

We do what we do because we care about the world we live in. We believe that all of us who live on planet earth are united in our needs and in our hopes. We also believe that if each of us contributes in even a small way, the world will improve. And lastly, we believe people only reach their full potential when they feel that someone sincerely cares, and that sincerity is best expressed through relationship.