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It is a great privilege to be entrusted with your hard-earned funds and to be able to act as an intermediary between those who donate and those who receive. Because of this we work very hard to keep all our operating costs to a minimum. All donations of 10 dollars and up will receive a tax receipt for tax return purposes.

At present the amount we spend on over head is very small--hovering between 1-5% of the total funds we collect.

We want you to feel secure that your donation arrives safely in Brazil and is properly distributed once there. To that end, you will want to know that we have a dedicated team of volunteers in Recife who have been involved with our organization for many years. We are in close contact with them at all times, in addition members of our Toronto operating team visit the project sites at least once a year.

We would also encourage you to visit our projects whenever you can make it to Recife. Another way we encourage your close involvement with our projects it to offer you the opportunity to indicate at the time of donating, which charity you would like to see the money used for. If we have other urgent needs we will discuss that with you at the time.

To donate via Pay Pal or credit card

The process for donating with credit card or using PayPal is the same. Both go through PayPal's website, the only difference being that if you don't have a PayPal account you have to fill in your credit card information, and the donation will be processed by PayPal without need of creating a PayPal account.

1) Choose which project you want to support at this time. We'll do our best to direct the donation towards the chosen project provided we don't have urgent issues with any of the programs.

2) Optional: add a short comment to help identify the donation (on behalf of..., in memory of, etc...)

3) Click below to go to Paypal's interface

To donate canadian dollars click here

To donate US dollars click here

Please provide a "Shipping Address" at PAY-PAL website; a donation receipt will be sent by regular mail to the provided address.

Snail Mail

Please make your cheque out to "Generous Hearts" and mail it to the following address:

    P.O. Box 695
    31 Adelaide St. East
    Toronto, Ontario M5C 2J8

Direct deposit

Or, deposit directly into the organization's bank account:

    Bank of Montreal
    Account number: 8058626
    Transit number: 24112-001

Gift of Securities

You can donate gifts of publicly-traded securities: shares, bonds, mutual funds and stocks.

A gift of securities has incredible impact. You will receive a receipt for the full value of the gift and you don't have to pay the capital gains tax.

We have an investment account set up for accepting transfers, Toronto Dominion account 57ML87. Speak to your broker about donating shares to Generous Hearts or call Jim Robertson of Generous Hearts at 905 336-9913