Board of Directors

Antonieta Lira Silva

Antonieta worked as a Portuguese teacher and family counsellor in Brazil. In Canada, she worked at the Brazilian Consulate in Toronto for 17 years and has also experience as an executive manager in the private sector.
Besides her professional skills, Antonieta has dedicated her life to the poor in Brazil, ever since she was a young girl. In Canada, she re-established her ideals working with Brazilians and Canadians to identify the needs of the poor in Brazil and help them.
Building a close relationship with the Board of Directors and volunteers, both in Canada and Brazil, Antonieta has succeeded in practicing the Mission, Vision and Values of Generous Hearts.

Andre Pereira

Andre is a physician who migrated to Canada in 2004, got to know Generous Hearts just after his arrival and has been an active volunteer since. He was invited to the board of directors in 2010.

Jim Robertson

I have had a special connection with Brazil since the early 1980's. A romantic connection resulted in a new family formation, a girl born in Brazil and a boy born in Canada. Over the years I have had several trips to Brazil including one full year 1990-1991. Although Brazil has great beauty and vibrancy the social inequalities are evident everywhere causing difficult circumstances for so many. Over the years I always felt the need within myself to do something to help, but family responsibilities constrained me. In the fall of 2005 I planned a trip to Brazil for February 2006 to visit the projects of 4 charities operating there. Upon conclusion of the trip I reached a decision that I wished to become involved with Generous Hearts as my principal charity and have returned twice to again visit the volunteers and projects.

Dr. Reynaldo Todescan, PhD

Dentist; assistant professor of the dentistry faculty at University of Toronto.
He was involved with Generous Hearts since the foundation, and integrant of the Board of Directors for many years, occupying the position of vice-president until 2014.