Birthday Parties

Are you dedicated to creating a world of peace through acts of kindness ? Tell your friends to bring a donation to Generous Hearts instead of a wrapped gift. All the money raised go directly to the charity objectives.

Anyone willing to contribute with Generous Hearts can launch a charity gathering/donation party, inviting their guests to contribute to Generous Hearts.
Just email us and we'll set up a customized page just like this one and donations can be done directly here with PayPal or Credit card or taken directly to the party (cheques preferred, but money is also good).
This is a great way of contributing and spreading the word about our activities.



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This year I decided to do something different for my birthday and I'm asking my guests to help me bring dignity to poor children overseas. So I will be accepting money gifts instead of wrapped gifts and the total amount will be donated to Generous Hearts, which will use the money to improve the quality of life of children in a really poor area of Brazil. Thank you for being part of it!

How to send your money gift.

1) You can just bring a cheque or money in an envelope on the day of the party - please make your cheque out to "Generous Hearts". Or you can do it online, through PayPal. Please note that a Paypal account is actually not needed, you can use your credit card. Just use the link below.
Don't forget to write yours or your child's name on this page and fill in your complete name and address on PayPal's website.
Thank you very much for supporting this initiative.

2) Please write here the name of the party host.

3) Click below to go to Paypal's interface

To send your money gift click here

Please write your address as the "Shipping Address" at PAY-PAL's website.