About Generous Hearts

The History of "Generous Hearts"

Antonieta SilvaGenerous Hearts was founded informally 20 years ago in Toronto. It was initiated by Antonieta de Lira Silva with the help of other new Brazilian residents in Canada. They organized typical festivities for the Brazilian community, as well as for friends of Brazil, and the total funds raised were donated to various social causes in Brazil.
Inspired by our organization, in 1982 Father Jose Lisboa (a priest from the state of Pernambuco in Brazil) made a request for Antonieta to get her organization donate funds to help maintain his project called "Assistance to Needy Children". Without our financial help the project would have been shut down.
This request was a real challenge since our fundraising events were only held at certain times of the year. It was then that the idea to register Generous Hearts emerged. Generous Hearts was registered with the Canadian Government as an official charitable organization, thus giving the organization the right to accept donations per se.
In 1999, having satisfied all the conditions required by the Candian Government, the organization was officially incorporated. By consensus, the participating group unanimously elected Antonieta de Lira Silva as President of the organization. In 2001, through hard work on the part of the directors, Generous Hearts received the official status of a charity organization in Canada, under the number 87301 RR0001. Since then our group has been able to expand our resources and projects thereby reaching out to a greater number of children, adolescents and the elderly in Brazil.

Vision Statement

Generous Hearts aims to create world peace through global acts of generosity and caring-specifically by extending aid to the destitute of Pernambuco, Brazil who are at risk of resorting to violence in order to survive. We feel it is through small acts of direct caring that bridges of peace can be created.

Mission Statement

Generous Hearts is committed to helping the young children and adolescents of Pernambuco, Brazil, by keeping them off the streets through education and nourishment. We also strive to provide seniors in this area with nourishment, shelter and medical aid. Through our attempts to create dignity in death for destitute elders, and hope for the future of their grandchildren, Generous Hearts promotes world peace through acts of Global social responsibility and sharing.

Our Volunteers in Canada

Generous Hearts is entirely run by volunteers. There is no physical office structure, and no paid employees. In Canada we have approximately forty volunteers who help with a variety of tasks, from paper work to helping out at our fundraising events.

Our Volunteers in Brazil

In Brazil there are also approximately thirty volunteers who oversee our projects. They work alongside Sister Irmã Viviane in the Favela Beira Rio in Recife, as well as monitoring the other projects. Many of our Brazilian volunteers have been involved with Generous Hearts almost since its inception.