Welcome to the Generous Hearts Website!

Generous Hearts is a charitable organization registered with the Canada Customs and Revenue Department of the Canadian government. We started our activities 30 years ago. Our main operating location is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In addition we have a strong team of Brazilian volunteers operating out of Recife in the state of Pernambuco in Brazil. Brazil is the focus of our charitable efforts. You will also be pleased to know that we are a small organization with no paid employees; we don`t spend any money with office rentals and the entire operation is run by volunteers, which means that your donations go directly to those we help. More than 95% of the total amount one donates to Generous Hearts will make it to the final destination, usually just bank and transfer fees are deducted.

Get back to our website and blog frequently to check out our upcoming events (link to blog at right column of this page). You can also sign up for our electronic bulletin to get the most up-to-date information.

Where your Money Goes

There has been a lot of news coverage recently about Charity scams.Generous Hearts would like you to know a few things about our organization that will put your mind at ease:

  • The money gets sent to the chief project manager of each project. These managers have been known to Generous Hearts for many years. They provide receipts to Generous Hearts for the funds they receive from us, detailing their disbursements. Also, we visit the projects on a yearly basis to verify the progress in person.
  • We have several very competent financial advisors on board.
  • The cash money that we receive is always counted by three people.
  • Our organization is registered as a non-for-profit entity with the Canadian Government and, as such, we must abide by strict requirements from them in order to maintain our status.
  • We send the money through Wire Transfer (Remittance).
  • The money arrives in Brazil directly in the account pertaining to the project it will be used in.
  • We are a grassroots organization, which means that it is fully run and manned by volunteers. We function this way in order to make sure that your donation is going to direct service, rather than to overhead and other uses.
  • The cost of almost all of our overhead is covered either by gifts in kind, or by many of the volunteers who donate not only their time, but also their money.
We at Generous Hearts thank you for your continued support and belief in our work. We thank you on behalf of all those eople who we have come to know personally, and who are deeply grateful for everything we do for them.

Happy new year!!!

Here is a small group of Generous Hearts volunteers in Toronto
Dear Generous Hearts Supporter:

Once again we here at Generous Hearts are happy to see the end of one more happy year and hoping next year to be even better.

We look back and realize that the year was great, thanks for the hard work of our volunteers, always showing up early to our fundraising events bringing a big smile on their faces, the face of good-willing. Keeping true to our principles, we managed to send over close to 100% of our revenue to the ones in need.

But at the same time we get a little anxious because along with the holidays comes the end of our fiscal year and without variation, year after year, we get a last-minute call from our volunteers overseas reporting several urgent needs for the people we help.

That's why we are sending this message to you, to ask one more time for your support. There are several ways you can help or send your donation.

It's interesting to note that our official government reports can be checked online at the Canada Revenue Website, just search "Generous Hearts":


There you will see annual reports stating how much of the donated money was spent with charity projects. You'll see that our overhead is usually around 1% and around 99% of net proceeds make it to our projects, which is really good compared to other charities.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

On behalf of the people we help we want to wish you happy holidays and a great new year.

Antonieta Silva President